Monday, October 10, 2011

If you want to save money - CONSUME WHAT YOU ALREADY HAVE!

This advise is appropriate for many areas in life.  If it's food - eat what is in your cupboard; make some creative foods.  If it's fabric or fiber, use up those odds and ends.  This is where today's note has its beginnings.
I've been putting yarn into two drawers as storage.  One for acrylic and one for wools and cotton blends.  I had a 'travel weekend' planned and I needed a few options for carry along projects.  I turned to a hat pattern that looked interesting and selected some yarns that  were occupying my house for a few years.  I don't even know where they came from and they had no labels.  I'm sure you have a few skeins of unidentified yarns!
Here is the pattern I chose;  please ignore the lime green paper!
It's an interesting textured knit designed by Erica Jackofsky and published in the Creative Knitting Magazine.  "Stringtown Hat"
You can see the odd skein of twisted wool.  Running through the wool was a super soft mohair and a gold micro thread that adds just a bit of shimmer.  The mohair creates a very thick halo effect.  As I was knitting, it held its shape so well, I thought I was knitting myself a lovely crown.

I was so interested in this pattern that I made two hats!  This rarely happens!  The hat gently shapes itself because of the gradual increase of needle sizes.  This created a not-to-tight fitting hat, that does not squash the hair style.  Quite an ingenious design.  Below are Rachel and Taylor modeling the hats.  You'll see that the top of the hat pattern is a constant decrease which will make it lay flat and have a nice swirl.
Go grab some unidentified yarns in your stash and knit until you run out, then change colors.  The second hat is purple and gray.  Enjoy the process!

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