Sunday, November 6, 2011

Christmas is Coming

If there seems to be a lack of 'new' images coming on the blog posts, 
just understand that Christmas is coming
and if I show pictures of a current project, 
the Christmas recipient will know what's going on!. 
I could ask you what YOU"RE making for Christmas, 
but then we're back in the same predicament.

Wrist Warmers

Okay, get out some yarn and cast on for Wrist Warmers!
I think I casted on about 48 stitches, worked in a 2 x 2 rib for about 10 inches.  That's 2 knit and 2 purl, worked in the round, on double pointed needles.  Make them as long as you wish, but just make some!  They are so handy for draft-free computer work.!
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Emmett's Fall Sweater

Our little buddy, Emmett, recently had his first birthday and received a knitted sweater from his
'Uncle Nate and Aunt Heidi".  Here he is after church, ready for a nap, but also enjoying his Zipper Critter!  I keep the critter in my purse, so when he sees us behind him  in church, he wants to come over the pew and sit with us.  Well, that's the plan anyway.

 This sweater is the famous Elizabeth Zimmerman's Baby Surprise Sweater Pattern.  I added a garter stitch collar of about ten rows and also ribbed stitched cuffs.  They really make the sweater last longer as the baby grows a bit. 

This sweater was made for DaMarion, another little one year old.  He's a little bigger, so I hope it fits for a little while!. 

Monday, October 24, 2011

Photo Collage

Collection of photos I took this weekend at the Apple Farm. Some of these really need to be quilt art.
If you'd like one for your desktop background - send me a comment or email. I can share!
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There he is again!
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Zipper Critter Appears for Fall!

There's a nifty little Zipper Critter hiding among the pumpkins!.
He's only about 4 inches square and was easy to sew.
Thanks to a small box of old zippers, he will have some friends very soon.
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Friday, October 21, 2011

Firewood Tote

Here's a new firewood tote I made this week. Yes, those posts about firewood really did have a purpose.
From an online pattern, I bought an upholstery remnant (1 yd) and about 3 yards of a duck cloth. This tote, however became much larger than I imagined. The directions wrote it would be 26 inches long, but mine became closer to 30 inches long. You can easily put a small child in here and carry them!
The decorative center panel isn't even necessary - it's just top stitched onto the larger main piece of brown duck cloth.
The straps are not what was written for either. I used a black strapping that was about 2 1/2 inches wide. The 3 1/2 inch wide Jute strapping(for upholstery seats/webbing) was far to expensive.
We like it though; it holds a full evening's worth of wood in one trip!
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